Addlon Trading is the official distributor of Easton products in Australia. We love Baseball and Softball, we sponsor the National, and State associations and support your local stores that are the lifeblood of our sports. We are not liable for any Easton products purchased from overseas and will only warranty products that are purchased within our Australian Authorised dealer network. 

Warranty claims on bats purchased from an authorised Easton Dealer within Australia

Easton Australia has a 12 month warranty on all bats purchased from any authorised dealer in Australia. 

If you have any issues with a bat purchased from one of our dealers please follow the below steps. 

Step 1. Contact the store you purchased from, making sure it is still within the 12 month window with proof of purchase receipt

Step 2. the store will assess your product and will liaise with us if a warranty replacement or further inspection is deemed necessary. Warranty replacements will be dispatched to the store you purchased the bat from. 


Warranty claims on bats purchased from

Step 1.
 Send a copy of your receipt and photos of your bat showing the faulty area, model number, size/weight, hologram serial number sticker (if applicable) and making sure to include a contact phone number to:

Please note we will only respond if you purchased your products from our website. If you purchased from an authorised dealer please see the steps above.